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Civil War Tour MP3 – Part 1


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Join Dan and Joshua Horn on an exciting tour through Civil War history! Travel from Manassas to Fredericksburg hearing the stories of the men, battles and events that shaped our nation. Produced in 2011. Check out part two here, or purchase the two volume set.

1. War of 1812
2. Battle of Fort McHenry
3. Arlington Cemetery
4. Opening Dinner
5. Mexican War
6. Life of Robert E. Lee
7. John Brown’s Raid
8. Gathering the Armies
9. Battle of Manassas
10. Causes of the Civil War – Economics
11. Monitor vs. Merimack
12. Peninsular Campaign
13. Confederate Constitution
14. Battle of Malvern Hill
15. Hollywood Cemetery – Part 1
16. Hollywood Cemetery – President’s Circle
17. Hollywood Cemetery – Fitzhugh Lee
18. Jefferson Davis vs. Abraham Lincoln
19. Battle of Cedar Mountain
20. Causes of the War – Slavery
21. Politics of the War
22. Battle of Antietam
23. Battle of Fredericksburg
24. Closing Talk



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