War Between the States Series

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The American Civil War was a pivotal point in the history of our nation, yet many people do not really understand the events which caused it, or how the conflict re-shaped our nation. Now students and adults can travel with Dan Horn and Discerning History to understand the men and events that led to the Civil War, all from a uniquely Christian worldview. This three volume set analyzes the events that led to the war, studies the battles and campaigns, follows the end-results to the present.

The Victory of the Union ships January, 2013


Causes of the Civil War

  1. Religion
  2. Slavery
  3. Economics
  4. John Brown
  5. Secession
  6. Fort Sumter
  7. State’s Rights

Rise of the Confederacy

  1. First Blood at Manassas
  2. Struggle on the Seas
  3. Valley Campaign
  4. Antietam – America’s Bloodiest Day
  5. The West – Fort Donelson
  6. The West – Shiloh

Victory of the Union

  1. Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville
  2. Gettysburg
  3. The Capture of Vicksburg
  4. East to the Sea
  5. The Overland Campaign
  6. The Confederacy Crumbles
  7. Reconstruction

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