Aime Levet

Aime Levet was an apothecary in Geneva in the 16th century. When Antoine Froment first came and brought the Gospel to Geneva, Levet was against it, but eventually his heart softened. In 1533 he was won over to Christianity by his wife, and he became one of the leading Huguenots. The religious meetings were frequently held in his house. When Froment was attacked by a mob, Levet hid him in his house. A few months after Levet’s salvation the bishop of Geneva forced him and many other Huguenots to flee, but a troop of soldiers pursued and caught him. After beating him, they threw him in prison without a trial. After the overthrow of the bishop, he was released and continued to spread the Reformation. In 1536 he was elected one of the four syndics, or magistrates, of Geneva.