New Podcast Announcement!

Some of the people behind Reforming to Scripture have started a new podcast that you might be interested in. The Conquering Truth is a weekly podcast for Christians, seeking to discern how to live in today’s world, in alignment with God’s word.  We’ll have discussions of how the gospel and the word of God ought to be applied to current events, the problems facing our society, the history of what God has done in the world, trends in the church and many other topics.  The scriptures have a lot to say about those issues, and we see a lack of Biblical thinking and application to culture in many professing Christian circles today. We want to do our part to reverse that trend.

You can watch the first episode above, and subscribe on Youtube, Facebook, or in your favorite podcast app.


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Voice of the Martyrs Scandal in Nigeria

Voice of the Martyrs is a ministry that purports to help Christian victims of persecution. However, it has been discovered that their work in Nigeria was in a tragic state – orphans were being abused and mistreated, financial fraud was rampant, and those who were trying to spread the word were being removed. When this was reported to the office in the United States, they seemed more concerned with covering up a scandal than ensuring that justice was done.

Please visit this web page to watch a video that describes the situation, sign the petition, and spread the word.

Thank you.

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Highway of Holiness Conference Recap

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The Church Needs to Preach the Fear of God

Via the NCFIC.

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Incredible Fruit from Obeying God

Video from NCFIC.

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How Sanctification Works

Join us at NCFIC’s Highway of Holiness Conference!

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Invitation to the Highway of Holiness Conference

You can get more details here.

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Free Sermon Series on the Sabbath


This five part series on the Sabbath features expositions of five critical texts of Scripture which address God’s appointment of a day to spend meditating and finding joy in Christ alone. With Matthew 12 it is a message of mercy – “I desire mercy not sacrifice.” With Nehemiah 13 it is a message of rescue from the judgment of God for despising Him. With Exodus 20 it is a message of duty and easing from monetary gain. With Isaiah 58 we hear a message of delight and pleasure and honor. With Hebrews 4 we come to what is perhaps the crescendo of the magnificent meaning on the Sabbath – rest, rest, eternal rest. the “rest” of the Sabbath day is symbolic of rest in Christ today and in heaven tomorrow. The day is a shadow and the earthly reminder of something greater. As Jesus said in Matthew, “something greater than the temple is here.” The day reminds us of the gospel and all of its blessings and responsibilities. The message of this series is that there is only one place of rest for weary souls abused by the devil – Christ.

These five messages were delivered to the congregation of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina during the summer of 2009.

Download this series for free on NCFIC.

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Sanctification is a Marathon not a Sprint

via the NCFIC.

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Equal Yoking by Dan Horn

From the NCFIC Marriage Conference.

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Dan Horn on Reformation

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The Mission of the NCFIC

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