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Join Dan Horn, Joshua Horn and Scott Brown on a tour centered around the life of George Washington. Follow him through the French and Indian War, as a planter in Virginia, commander of the Continental army and President of the United States. Along the way learn about the causes of the War for Independence, the Great Awakening and much more.

Format Note:
This product is an MP3 CD. This will play in many newer CD players, and can be easily put on an MP3 player or iPod. Older CD players do not support this format, but you are allowed to make two CD copies of this on your computer, as long as it is for your household only. You can buy the same messages on multiple CDs for $30 here.

Planned Locations Include:
Jumonville Glen
Fort Necessity
Philadelphia Christ Church
Independence Hall and Liberty Bell
Washington’s Crossing
Trenton Battlefield
Princeton Battlefield
Princeton Cemetary
Brandywine Battlefield
Germantown Battlefield
Valley Forge
Washington Monument
Mount Vernon
Yorktown Battlefield



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